Response to Tories claim that the bedroom tax is helping people back to work

Scottish Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation Response to the Tories claim that 71’000 people have found work since the introduction of the bedroom tax (link)

Federation Secretary Gail Morrow Said

“For the Tories to claim that the Bedroom Tax has got 71,000 people into work is ludicrous. They have taken stretching statistics to a new level. With 80% of those affected by the bedroom tax being disabled, how does he not draw the conclusion that it is probably ATOS that are putting those people off of the benefits system altogether like the story of Zulfiqar Shah (Link)

The Tories are attacking the disabled in this country on an unprecedented scale, The Bedroom tax, ATOS assessments and charges simply for visiting your GP. We need to stand together, in order to defend people within our communities who are being victimised by these out of touch bullies. These are the very people who are refusing a £7000 pay rise in order to defend their over inflated expenses, Including T.V’s  for their spare homes.”


3 thoughts on “Response to Tories claim that the bedroom tax is helping people back to work

  1. Far more likely is that the vast majority of the 71,000 have had their benefits sanctioned. The first thing that the jobcentre does when sanctioning is to tell the Council and their Housing Benefit is removed.

    Last figures released last year by the DWP showed that around 60,000 per month were being sanctioned. That would be well over 300,000 people sanctioned over the period of time that the Tory Councillor refers to.

    Oh and the Tory Councillors name? Harry Phibbs.. you couldn’t make it up! 🙂

    • My reply was moderate compared to what I would really like to say. However total rubbish. Ihope that this does not disturb anyones sensitivity. Never been censored before

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